Windows Live Movie Maker online training course

Windows Live Movie Maker lesson 13, Saving movie for youtube

Youtube - 2

This will open the installation wizard for Liveupload to Youtube.
Im not going to show a image of each step because its pretty obvious what to do here, just click the "Next" button on every page and "Install" on the last page.

When the installation is finished and we open Movie Maker you can see a "Liveupload to Youtube" button has been added in the "Share" section of the "Home" tab.

Click on this button and a window will open where you can choose different resolutions.
Its best to click on the recommended resolution

Next a window will open where you need to enter your Youtube username and password, when your done click on "Sign in".

In the next window you can enter some information about the film, you choose a category and set the permission to public or private.
If everyone is allowed to see your movie you choose "Public" here.
When you are done click on "Publish".

First your movie will be saved, if you don't want this click on the "Cancel" button.

And when your movie is saved it will start publishing.

Once published a window will open with the button " I assume everyone understands what this button will do.
This will open Youtube with your movie on the page.