Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 3, Basic editing

Remove text

In Word we can easily delete characters, words, paragraphs or texts in our documents.
We can use the "Delete" or "Backspace" keys on our keyboard to remove text while we are typing.
You can select any text, press the "Delete" key and the text will be removed.
You can partially alter a text by selecting it and start typing.
You could compare this with the "OVR" button in the statusbar.

Cut, Copy and Paste text

More than once we need to copy or move text from one place in a document to another.
This is done with the buttons "Cut" cut , "Copy" copy and "Paste" paste in the standard toolbar.
Or we choose "Cut", "Copy" or "Paste" from the "Edit" command in the menubar.

The functions "Cut" and "Paste" are used to move text to another location.
The functions "Copy" and "Paste" is used to copy text.

When we cut or copy a item, this item will be placed in the Word clipboard.
In Word 2000, 2003 and XP we can cut or paste many times through using the clipboard.
In Word 2000 the clipboard is accessed through "View" followed by "Toolbars" in the menubar.
In Word 2003 and XP its one of the windows in the task pane.

When you copy a item and then directly after copy another without having pasted it first there is no problem for Word 2000, 2003 and XP.

All your copy and cuts are maintained on the clipboard.
Even when we cut or paste from another programm.

microsoft word clipboard
Clicking on a function shows a arrow with a blue background.
Which gives a dropdown menu where we can choose either the function "Paste" or "Delete".

You can repeat the functions on the clipboard as many times as you want, as long as you didn't remove the function from the clipboard or closed the Word application.

clipboard repeat functions
In Word 97 this is not possible in this version we can only copy or cut one item.

The undo and redo button

The undo button undo and the redo button redo are the most used buttons in Word i think.
The undo button makes the last action that we did undone.
The black arrow next to the button even gives us the opportunity to makes multiple actions undone.
The redo button does the opposite, it makes actions that we just made undone with the undo button, undone.
Can you still follow ? just give it a try and you will see what i try to explain here.

The repeat function

With the "Repeat" function which can be found by clicking on "Edit" in the menubar we can repeat our last action.
For example, if you have just pasted an item, then you can repeat this by clicking on "Edit" followed by "Repeat paste" in the menubar.