Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 5, Text Format

Formatting text

To format our text we use the Formatting toolbar.
This toolbar is active by default in Microsoft Word.
If this isn't the case then click on "View", "Toolbars" and "Formatting" from the menubar.
Or we use the "Fonttype" window.

To format allready typed text, we select the text and then click on the buttons in the "Formatting" toolbar.
Or we select the text first and then choose the options we want in the "Fonttype" window.
We can also choose our format settings first before we start typing.
Most of us will probably only change the fonttype and size before they start typing.
The rest of the formatting is usually done when the text has allready been typed.

The formatting toolbar

The formatting toolbar is visible by default in Word because its an important and often used tool.

A few of the most used button for formatting our text:

microsoft word formatting toolbar
Style Fonttype
Fontsize Bold
Italic Underscore
Align left Center
Align right Justify
Line spacing Numbering
Bullets Decrease indent
Increase indent Outside border
Highlight Text color
Toolbar options
(Clicking on this arrow allows us to make fast and easy changes to our toolbar)
The "Style" button allows us to apply preset "Styles.
I will explain more about this when we are creating our "Table of contents".
If we click on the arrow next to the fonttype field it will give us different types of fonttypes which we can choose.
In Windows 97 these were all shown in the same way, but in the following versions we can see these in realtime.
Next to that is the field "fontsize".
If we click on this arrow we can change the size of our letters.
Size 12 is used for most commonly used for text.
Next we have the buttons "Bold", "Italic" and "Underline" which need no explanation i think. Next are the "Align" buttons which are used to align paragraphs which i will explain about more later on in this course.
In the 2003 and XP versions we also have the button "Line spacing".
This serves to control the distance between lines of the selected text.
This will also be discussed in a later lesson about the formatting of paragraphs.
The next two buttons are the "Numbering" and "Bullets" button.
These are buttons we simply use to add or remove enumeration or numbering.
The next buttons are the "Decrease indent" and "Increase indent" buttons which are used to increase or decrease the left margin of a paragraph.
This will also be explained more deeply in the lesson about formatting paragraphs.
When we click on the arrow of the button "Outside border" a dropdown menu will appear from which we can make a choice for the borders of the selected text.
The next button "Highlight" is used to set the backgroundcolor of the selected text.
And the last button "Font color" is used to set the color of the text itself.

The fonttype window

We configure the font formatting settings with the fonttype window.
To open this click on "Format" followed by "Font" in the menubar.

microsoft word fonttype window
As you can see in the image above there are many different effect available to visually improve our text.
Some of these are not available in the formatting toolbar.
When you are satisfied with the settings you need to click on "Ok".

Use of capital

Sometimes it will happen that we accidently pushed the "Shift lock" key on our keyboard.
And are you like me still not using ten fingers to type, then it could be that you only noticed after an entire paragraph that you typed everything in uppercase letters.
Thanks to Word its not neccesairy anymore to retype all those words again.
Just select the paragraph, click on "Format" followed by "Change Case" in the menubar.

microsoft word use of capita
After making your choice from the new window your text will be altered accordingly.

Copy text formatting

Because we don't want to change the formatting of our text every single time we can copy this formatting.
To do this we use the button "Format painter" format painter in the standard toolbar.
First we select the formatted text, click the button "Format painter" and then select the text where we want to copy the formatting to.
If you want to change multiple pieces of text with this formatting, then we doubleclick on the "Format painter" button, we will click and drag over the first text, the second text, etc.
To disable we once again click the "Format painter" button.