Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 8, Wizards and templates


Word provides us with a couple of premade documents which we call templates.
This is usefull when we quickly need to make a fax, memo or another document.
Everything we need to do is give our personal information into certain fields and the result will be that you will have a professional looking document.
To open these templates we click on "File" followed by "New" in the menubar.
This opens the task pane in XP and 2003.
In the task pane in the section "New from template" you click on the link "General templates".

In 2000 and 97 you click on "File" followed by "New" in the menubar.
This will open the "New" window.
In this window we can click on the tabs to see different wizards and templates.
In both versions you click on the tab which is fitted most to the type of document you wish to make.
A wizard, which we will show later in this lesson, has a "Magic wand" in the icon.

To open a template or a wizard we doubleclick on the icon.

template wizard
As you can see in the template above, there are text areas we need to fill out with personal information.
We can also change the formatting of this information like we do with ordinairy text.
When your done typing all your information into the fields you need to save this document with "Save as..".
Thats everything you need to do when you are using templates.


Wizards are another easy way to make documents.
We open wizards (those with a "magicwand" in the icon) the same way we do as templates, by doubleclicking them.
The only difference between wizards and templates is that wizards open a new window where we enter our information in the requested fields.

memo wizard
Clicking on the "Next" button will bring us to the next window.
Not all questions need to be answered in the wizard.
When you are done entering the fields you want click on the "Finish" button.

Its important to know that not every wizard works like this.
Some give us only a popup window where we need to make some choices, like for instance the "Label Wizard".

mailing label wizard
When you finished all the steps in the wizard you still need to give in your personal information.
And if you want you can also change the formatting.

And finally save the document like you would with any other document.