Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 9, Printing documents

Print preview

Before we start printing our documents is wist to first look at a print preview, in this way we don't have to waste any unnecessary paper.
To do this we have the "Print preview" window in Microsoft Word.
To look at our document in "Print preview" we click the button in the standard toolbar, or we click on "File" followed by "Print preview" in the menubar.

print preview
When you hover the mousecursor over the page it will change into a magnifying glass.
When you click on a spot in our document, this will make Word zoom in or out on the document.

The "Print preview" window has its own toolbar with its own buttons, which we can use to show multiple pages in our document, print, close etc.

Print document

To make one copy of our document we click on the "Print" button in the standard toolbar.

To make multiple copies we click on "File" followed by "Print" in the menubar.
This will open the "Print" window.

print document setup
In the "Print" window we choose a printer in the top section.
We set the page range in the second section, all pages, the current page or a selection of pages that we enter according the page number, or a range.
Enter the amount which we want printed and if we want them sorted.
In the bottom section we can choose exactly what we want to print.
If we wish to print the odd and the even pages.
Just to much to mention, just try them out.
When you are finished setting your preferences, click on "Ok" to start printing.