Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 10, Leaders and tab stops

Using and removing tab stops

First let me explain what a tab stop is.
A tab stop is a place on the horizontal ruler that indicates how far text must indent or where a textcolumn must begin.
With tab stops we can align text left, right, center or align on a decimal.
Tabs can be entered before or after we have typed our text.
Tabs can be different in different sections of our document.
For example, paragraph one can have two left tab stops, while the next paragraph has none.

The tabbutton can be found on the leftside of the horizontal ruler.

tab button
Clicking on the tab button will change the type of tab.
There are four different tabs:

left tab Left tab, aligns text to the left
center tab Center tab, centers the text
right tab Right tab, aligns text to the right
decimal tab Decimal tab, aligns numbers on comma

If you don't know which tab is selected you can hover over it with your mousecursor, a small window will appear with the name of the current tab.
You never know when you need it.

To add tabs, first we select the type of tab and then click on the ruler on the spot we want to have it.

adding tabs
To remove a tab just click and drag the tab you want to remove out of the document.
To remove all tabs from our document click no "Format", "Tabs" and "Clear all" from the menubar in the "Tags window".

To change the location of a tab we just click and drag the tab to the right position on the ruler.
All text we enter after this will come on the new position.

Adding leaders in tabs

We can add leaders into our tabs.
These special tabs can be used to created a dotted line in between two words.
A good example of this is the index page of a book.

adding leaders in tabs
We can adjust any tab in our document.
To do this click on "Format" and "Tabs" in the menubar.
In the "Tabs" window that will open we select our tab and choose a leader, click on "Set" and "Ok" when we are done.

tab options