Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 11, Autotext

Using autotext

Autotext is able to automaticly put text into our documents.
This function that is developed specially for Word, can only be used in Microsoft Word.
Autotext is basicly a typetool, which automaticly types texts that is used alot.
For example:
We make a autotext fragment named "Location", which contains the name and adress of our company.
Each time that we have to type our company information, we only type Location, and after typing four letters (loca), Word will ask us to insert the autotext fragment.

autotext fragment
We push the "Enter" key on our keyboard if we want to accept this.
Or just keep on typing if you want to ignore the autotext.
This is a very usefull tool if you need to type alot.
So lets so how to use this.

Adding and removing autotext fragments

First we type the text that we would like to use as a autotext fragment in our document.
Then we select the entire text that we wish to add to our autotext fragment.
We click on "Insert" and "Autotext" in the menubar, followed by "Autotext" again in the dropdown menu.

autotext from menubar
This opens the "Autocorrect" window with the "Autotext" tab open.

autotext window
In the top field of the tab we give our autotext fragment a name and click on the "Add" button.

As you can see there is a list that allready has some autotext fragments which are in Word by default.

The same can be done for images like for example a sign or logo.
First we add a file in our document, select it, click on "Insert", "Autotext" and "Autotext" in the menubar.

autocorrect window
You can see the image appear in the preview window, which was the same with the text in our previous example.
Click on the "Add" button.
To add this image while typing you enter the first letters of the autotext fragment and click on the "F3" key on your keyboard.