Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 13, Drawing Objects

Insert autoshapes

Microsoft Word gives us multiple tools to add objects into our document.
One of them is the "Insert" button in the menubar.

Another one is the "Draw" toolbar.
To open this toolbar we click on "View", "Toolbars" and "Drawing" in the menubar.

draw toolbar

With the "Drawing" toolbar its possible to add some objects like lines, arrows, circles, rectangles, photos, etc. into our document.

draw options Select objects
Autoshapes Draw Lines
Draw arrows Draw rectangles
Draw oval Textbox
Insert WordArt Insert diagram
Insert ClipArt Insert picture
Change/Remove fill color Change/Remove line color
Change fontcolor Linestyle
Dashstyle Arrowstyle
Shadow style 3D style
If you cannot find the "Drawing" toolbar take a look at the bottom of your document.

Now let us take a look at the "Autoshapes" button.
When we click on this button a popup menu will open with a few choices:

using draw toolbar
Al these have their own submenu where now choices are available.
Choose the shape you want and click and drag it where you want it on your document.
In XP and 2003 another box will be added in your document.
If you don't use this you can just remove it by selecting it and pushing the "Delete" button on your keyboard.

Also notice that on top of the submenu there is also a blue bar.
When we hover our mouse on this bar it will change into four arrows.
This gives us the possibility to sepperate this submenu and place it anywhere it is conveniant for us inside the document.
This is usefull when we want to draw multiple objects.
This way we dont have to click on the "Autoshapes" button before we can choose from the submenu.

draw basic shapes
There is no need to panic when you accidently closed this submenu.
Just click on the "Autoshapes" button and it will appear again.

As soon as you drew a "Autoshape" in your document its possible to start formatting it.
To do this click on the object with your right mousebutton and choose "Format Autoshape".
In the window that opens we can give our preferences in the different tabs.

Insert lines, basic shapes and arrows

Inserting objects is very easy.
Choose the shape you want and click and drag it inside the document in the location you want it to be.
You will get a box which can be removed here also if you don't use it.

When you want to draw multiple objects of the same type, double click on the according button.
The button will now stay selected.
Click and draw on the wanted locations in the document.
After you inserted the object(s) you once again click on the drawobject button to deselect it or you press the "Escape" key on your keyboard.

To draw squares or circles we keep the "Shift" key on our keyboard pushed down.

Insert Wordart

With Wordart we can make texts which should stand out.
To insert Wordart into our document we need to click the "Wordart" button.
This will open the Wordart gallery window.

wordart gallery
We choose a style from the gallery and click "Ok".
In the next window we choose a fonttype and fontsize.
When your done click on "Ok".

wordart example
The change the formatting of the Wordart object we rightclick on the object.

Fill effects, Line color and font color

Next to the "Fill color" button in the toolbar is a black arrow.
When we click on this arrow a colorpalete will unfold where we can choose a color for our object.
But on the bottom of this colorpalete there is a option called "Fill effects".
When we click on this the "Fill effects" window will open.
In this window we have four tabs which we can use to set the fill color of our object.
The possibilities are endless so my best advice would be to just experiment here.

The same goes for the Line color, either we choose a color or we choose the option "Patterned Lines".
In the "Patterned Lines" window we have one tab, where we can choose the pattern and color for the background and foreground.

And if we click on the arrow next to the "Font color" button it will give us a color palette where we can choose the color for our text.

Setting linestyle

Clicking on either of the buttons "Line style", "Dash style" or "Arrow style" will open a menu where can make a choice to alter the style of the line.

setting linestyle

Shadow effect

The shadow effect is another nice effect which we can use to give our object an even better appearance.
Wordart, some types from "Autoshapes", basic shapes and lines can all be given a shadow.
First we draw our object in our document.
Select the object and press the "Shadow" button.
From the popup window that will open you choose the type of shadow you want.
Thats it, your shadow will be added to your object.

shadow effect example
We can also adjust the properties of the shadow.
To do this click once more on the "Shadow" button and choose for "Shadow settings" from the dropdown menu.
The toolbar "Shadow settings" will now open.
Here we have six buttons which we can use to change the properties of the shadow.

3D settings

The 3D effect button is allmost equal to the shadow button.
First we select the object.
Then we click on the 3D effects button.
From the popup menu we choose the type of 3D effect.
We click on the 3D effects button once more and choose "3D settings".
This will open the "3D settings" toolbar.

3d settings example
The "3D settings toolbar" has ten buttons which we can use to alter the 3D properties of the object.
The buttons speak for themself and don't need any explenation in my opinion.

Using the draw button

This button can be found on the far left of the "Drawing" toolbar.
When we click on it a popup menu will open with the following choices:

Group: For this we select a minimum of two objects and click on the "Group" button, or we select the grouped object and click on the "Group" button again to de-group.
Order: With with we can bring the object to the back- or foreground, before or behind text etc.
Rotate or Flip: This button is used to rotate the object left or right, or to mirror the object horizontally or vertically.
Text wrapping: With this you change position of the object against the text.
Change autoshape: With this button we can change the shape of the object without needing to draw it again.

Adding text in objects

To place text inside an object, you rightclick your mouse on the object and choose "Add text".
In the text field that opens you type the text.
You can't insert text into objects like lines or arrows of course.

Adding textboxes

To add textboxes into our document we select the "Textbox" button, click and drag it into our document untill we have reached the height and width we want.
When the edge of a textbox exists of sloping lines we can type and start formatting the text.
When the edge of the textbox exitsts of small dots it means that the textbox is selected and we can start formatting it.

adding texbox