Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 14, Bullets and numbering


We can add numbering and bullets into our document automaticly by selecting the text and clicking on the numbering or bullets signs in the "Formatting" toolbar.
We can also add numbering manually by typing a asterisk (*) followed by a space before we type the first line.
When we push the "Enter" key on our keyboard the asterisk (*) will change into a bullet.
The next line will automaticly be foreseen with a bullet.
When you want to stop using bullets, just push the "Enter" key again or use the "Backspace" key to remove the last bullet.
Pushing the "Enter" key will add an empty line, using the "Backspace" key doesn't.

We can also add numbering manually.
To do this we first type a number followed by a dot and a space.
The rest works the same as for the bullets.

Or we just let Word do all the numbering and bullets for us, what in my opinion is the easiest way to use this.
So to do this we first type our text, and the click on the numbering or bullets buttons in the "Formatting" toolbar.


To change the look of the numbering and bullet signs we click on "Format" and "Bullets and Numbering" in the menubar.
This will open the following window.

adding bullets and numbering
In this new window we have four tabs:

1. Bulleted
2. Numbered
3. Outline Numbered
4. List styles

Make your choice from one of the many options and click "Ok".

To use numbering on mulitple levels we select a line(s) in the numbered text and click on the "Increase indent" button.

changing indent