Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 16, Tools for tables and borders

The tables and borders toolbar

In word we use the "Tables and borders" toolbar to make tables and to "Format" tables.
We open this toolbar by clicking on "View", "Toolbars", "Tables and Borders" in the menubar.

Draw table Eraser
Line style Line weight
Border color Outside border
Shading color Insert table
Merge cells Split cells
Align Distribute rows evenly
Distribute columns evenly Table autoformat
Change text direction Sort ascending
Sort descending AutoSum

Drawing and erase tables

We use the "Draw table" button from the "Tables and borders" toolbar to draw tables into our document.

draw and erase tables
To erase a line in our table click on the "Eraser" button followed by clicking on the line you wish to remove.

Click on the linestyle button to alter the style of the lines.
Line weight can be used to alter the thickness of the lines.
Line color can be used to choose the color of the lines, just click on the "Line color" button, make your choice of color and click on the line from which you want to change the color.
For borders its the oposite, first select the cell(s) and then click on the "Borders" button where you will make your choice.
To give a cell another color, you place the cursor inside the cell and click on "Shadow color" in the "Tables and borders" toolbar, a new window will then open where you can pick a color.

Distribute columns and rows evenly

To distribute columns and/or rows evenly, we select the columns and/or rows and click on the button "Distribute rows evenly" or "Distribute Columns Evenly".

Aligning text in cells

To align text in your cells we first select the cell(s) and then click on the "Align" button.
Then make your choice from the dropdown menu.
You can align the text in the cell(s):.

aligning text and cells
1. align top left
2. centered top
3. align top right
4. align left center
5. center
6. align right center
7. align left bottom
8. centered bottom
9. align right bottom

Sorting tables

A table is only usefull when we can sort the data in one or more columns.
In Microsoft Word we can sort on letters or numbers.
The reason for this is obvious.
When we have hunderds of members, and we are looking for someone from Detroit, We don't need to scroll through our entire list when this is sorted on the column "City".

To sort we click on "Table", "Sort" in the menubar.
This will open the "Sort" window.

sorting tables
In the top section of the "Sort by" window we choose a field from the dropdown where we want to sort on first and make a choice between ascending and descending.
If we would like to sort more on the second or third column we also enter the fields "Then by".

In the bottom section there is a option to weither or not to sort on the first row.
Because the first row normally allways exists of titles it doesn't need to be sorted.
So we will select "Header row".
The result will look like this:

selected header row
A quick way to sort on one column is to use the "Sort ascending" or "Sort descending" button in the toolbar.
First click on the column you want to sort and then click one of the buttons in the toolbar.