Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 17, Formulas

Tables formulas

Most of the calculations which we can perform in Excel can also be done in Word.
This can be done by inserting formulas.
Formulas make calculations with the values that are inserted into cells in our table.
Formulas allways start with a "is equal to" sign (=).
Formulas exist of cell adresses where they can get their information to make the calculations.
A cell adress is the location of a cell in a table.
Those who are used to work with Excel surely know what i am talking about, but for those who have never heard of a Spreadsheet i will try and explain this.
Our tables exists of columns and rows.
You have to imagine that each column represents a letter.
So the first column is called A, the second B, etc.
And each row represents a number.
So the first row is 1, the second row 2, etc.
The intersection of a column with a row is a cell which we learned in Lesson 15.
So the cell in the intersection of the third column (C) with the fourth row (4) is cell C4.

column intersection
Formulas can not be inserted manually like in Excel, these must be inserted through the "Formulas" window.
The cell which we have placed our formula in will allways give the solution to the calculation, never the formula itsself.

Inserting Table formulas

When we want to insert a formula into a cell, we click on the cell with our cursor and then choose "Table", "Formula" in the menubar.
This will open the "Formula" window.

insert table formula
As you can see in the top field of the window, Word will propose us a command of what he thinks we would like to achieve.
Our cursor is in cell A5, so in this case the sum of the cells above it.
If we placed our cursor in cell E1, then Word would have proposed us the sum of the cells left of the formulacell =SUM(LEFT).
Click on "Ok" when you want to execute the proposal.

In the second field "Number format", we can choose the formatting for our numbers for a dropdown menu.
In the third field "Pasta function", we choose the command we wish to execture.

When you are not satisfied with the proposal of Word, then you can adjust the formula manually in the "Formula" field.

In a formula we can use the terms "above", "below", "left" and "right" to refer to the cells which are next to, above or below the formula cell.
We can also insert the range of cells the formula will reach.
In this case we enter the cell adress of the first cell, a colon (:), and the cell adress of the last cell, for example =SUM(A1:A4).

But more about the word "SUM" in our formula.
When we only want to use one command in our formula we can use commands like "SUM", "MAX", "MIN" and alot others without needing to enter all the cell adresses.
We can find all of them in the dropdown menu next to the field "Paste function".
To change the formula from for example "SUM" to "AVERAGE", you remove everything after the (=) sign in the formula field.
Click on the dropdown arrow "Paste function" and choose "AVERAGE".
Next type "above" between the brackets.

adding average formula
If we have a formula with different commands, then we enter those manually in the formula field.

Edit formulas

When we make changes in our cells where formulas are being executed, we need to "Edit" the field with the formula.
Its not done automaticly like in Excel that when you alter a cell the outcome is also altered.
To do this we select the cell with the formula and push the "F9" key on our keyboard.
A second way to do this is clicking the right mousebutton on the cell and choose to "Update field" from the popup menu.

If you wish to update all formulas, you select the entire table and push "F9" on your keyboard.
Or you can use the method with your right mousebutton.

See formulas and results

When we made a table with different formulas, it can be difficult to remember which cells have a formula and which haven't.
To show formulas in a cell, you select the cell and push "Shift" and "F9" on your keyboard.
To show all formulas in your table, you select the table and push "Shift" and "F9" on your keyboard.
To hide the formulas just repeat the steps i just explained.

seeing formula results