Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 18, Mail Merge

Mail Merge

We use the function "Mail merge" to make documents which get their information from a table.
To make a mail merge we need three documents:

A main document: for example a letter which we send to different members with in it the header and content.
This stays the same for every member.

A datafile: this is the file which contains the data which need to be combined with a document.
For example a list with names and adresses which you want to use for a mailing.

A combined document: this is the result document of the merge of the main document and the datafile.

The only information that alters for every merged document is the data that is received from the datafile.

We have a letter with on the top our logo and beneath it "Dear" and the content of our letter.

mail merge example
Now to personalize our letter a bit more we can a title and a name behind the word "Dear".
This information can be received from a table we made earlier that contains all our members.
To merge the data of these two documents we will use the "Mail merge" function.

To start Mail Merge in XP and 2003 we choose "Tools", "Letters and Mailings" and "Mail Merge Wizard" in the menubar.
This will open the "Mail Merge Wizard" in the task pane.
The wizard consists of six windows.
In each window we need to answer a question and click on "Next" to go to the next step until were finished.

To start Mail Merge for 2000 and 97 we click on "Tools", "Mail Merge" in the menubar.
This will open the "Mail Merge Helper" window.

mail merge in 2000 and xp

Mail Merge - XP and 2003

In the first window of the wizard you will be asked which type of document will be made.
In this example we will send letters to our members so we choose "Letters" and click on "Next".

In the second window we will be asked for the layout of our letters.
We choose to "Use the current document".

In the third window we are asked to select the adresses.
We choose "Use existing list".
Next click on "Browse" to select the table with our adresses.
You can either take a table from Word, Acces or Excel.

We select our table and click on "Open".
In the window that opens we can also select which members we want to use, but since we want to write to everyone we click on "Ok".

mail merge recipients
In the fourth window in the task pane we click on "More items".
In the window "Insert Merge Field" that opens, we select each field we wish too insert and then click the "Insert" button.

insert merge field
In the next setp we click on "Preview your letters".
We now see an example of our letter where the first name and title is added from the table.
By clicking on the buttons next to "Recipient" in the task pane, we can navigate through the different letters.

merge field results
We click on "Complete the merge".
And "Print" if you want to print your letters.

Mail Merge - 2000 en 97

mail merge helper
Click on "Tools", "Mail Merge" in the menubar.
Click on the "Create" button.
From the list choose "Standard Leters".
Choose either "New window" or "Active window".

The next step is our to select the table where we want to retreive our data from.
Click on the "Get data" button in the newly opened window.

In this new window we have mulitple options, but since we allready made our table we select "Open data source".
Choose the table you have allready made and click "Open".

A window will open where you are being told that Word cannot find any fields that have been merged.
Click on "Edit" in the "Main document" section of the window.

This will show a blank document.
Start typing the contents of your letter.

If you wish to show a field from our table you click on "Insert merge field" from the "Mail merge" toolbar and select the field which you want to insert from the dropdown menu.

When you add a "Merged field" to our letter this field will appear between quotation marks.
This way we can differentiate the "normal" text and the merged field.

Once were done with our letter and merging the fields from our table we only need to merge the data.

Click on the "Merge" button in the window.

From the dropdown menu you choose "New document".
And in the new window that appears you choose the option you want in the "When merging records" section.
Next click on "Merge".
And your done !