Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 19, New addresslist

Create address list XP and 2003

Now we know how we can mail merge with an existing table, lets find out now how we can do this when we still have to make a address list.

In step three of the "Mail merge" wizard we choose "Type a new list" and click on "Create".
This opens the "New address list" window where we can add, remove, search, sort and edit entries.
Start with type a first entry and then use the "Tab" key on your keyboard to jump to the next field.
When you completed your first entry you click on the "New entry" button.
Repeat this till you have filled in all that you want.

If you like to remove an entry you made, you first place the entry in the "New address list" window and then click on the "Delete entry" button.

To find a entry click on the "Find entry" button.
In the "Find" field of the newly opened window you can type in anything that you add when making entries (name, address, state, etc) and click the "Find next" button.

To filer or sort our entries click the "Filer and sort" button.
In the "Filter and sort" window there are two tabs.
One to sort our entries and one to filter them.
In the "Filter records" tab we select a minimum of one field which we want to filter on.
In the "Sort records" tab we can sort descending or ascending on a maximum of three fields.

create adress list
If we click the "Customize" button the "Customize address list" window will open.
In this window we can add, remove, change names and the order of the fields in our list.

customize adress list

Create address list 2000 and 97

Click "Tools", "Mail Merge" in the menubar.
In the section "Data Source" of the newly opened window you click on "Get data" and select "Create data source" from the menu.
A window like the one in the image below will open.

create adress list in windows 2000
Word will give us a few basic fields names which we can use if we want.
If you want to remove a field name, select the field name and click the button "Remove field name".
If you want to add a field name, you type the name in the field "Field Name" and click the button "Add field name".

You can also change the order of the field by selecting the field name and clicking the up or down arrows.

When you are done adjusting the structure of the table you click on the "Ok" button.
This opens the "Save as" window.
Give the file a name and clikc on the "Save" button.

To add entries to our new table, we click on the "Edit data source" button in the mail merge toolbar.
Type the information in the first field and push the "Enter" key on your keyboard to go to the next field.
Repeat this for all your entries.
When you are done click the "Ok" button.

To remove a entry we use the navigator arrows to find the entry.
Once we have found it push the "Delete" key on your keyboard.
To add a entry, click on the "Add New" button.
In the blank entry type the data and click on "Ok" when you are done.

To find entries, click on the "Find" button.
In the "Find" window you enter the keywords you want to find in the "Find what" field.
Select the field from the menu where you want to search in.
Click on the button "Find first".
And finally click on the "Close" button to return to the dataform.