Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 21, Printing on envelopes

Print addresses on envelopes (2003 and XP)

In Word we can also print the addresses fom our table on envelopes.
This is done allmost the same as printing the addresses on letters.
To print the addresses from our table onto envelopes we also use the "Mail Merge" funtion.

To start Mail Merge in XP and 2003 we click on "Tools", "Letters and Mailings" and "Mail Merge Wizard" in the menubar.
This open the "Mail Merge Wizard" in the task pane.
In this example we are going to print envelopes so we choose for "Envelopes" and click on "Next".

In the next window we choose for "Envelope options" which will open the "Envelope options" window.

envelope options
In this window we have two tabs:
Envelope options and Printing options.
In the first tab we choose the size of our envelopes and set the font type for the delivery address and return address.
A example of our envelope can be seen at the bottom of the window.
In the "Printing options" tab we choose the envelope feed options.
Click on "Ok" when you are done.

mail merge options
Before we go over to the next step we first enter the data of the "Return address" (your address) on the top left.
You can type this information or you can insert a logo.
When you choose to insert a logo click on "Insert", "Picture" and "From file" in the menubar.
Select the logo on your harddrive and click on "Insert".

In the task pane "Mail Merge" we continue to step three.
So you click on "Next: Select recipients".
In step three we select "Use an existing list".
And click on "Browse".
Select the datafile on your computer and click on "Open".
In the next window which opens we click on "Ok" because we want to print all members on a envelope.
If this isn't the case then you select those which you want to print a envelope for in this window.
Next click on "Ok".

Click on "Arrange your envelopes".
Click on "Address block".

arrange your envelope
Choose the way you want the addresses to be printed.
And click on the "Match fields" button.

match fields
Click the fields from your table you want to include in the address and click on "Ok" and "Ok" once more.

Click on "Next: Preview your envelopes".

preview your envelopes
In step five we click on "Complete the merge".
And in the last step its possible to print the envelopes.

Print addresses on envelopes (97 and 2000)

To print addresses on envelopes in 97 and 2000 we choose "Tools", "Mail Merge" in the menubar.
This will open a new window called "Mail Merge Helper".
Click on the "Create" button and choose "Envelopes" from the list.
Click on either "New main window" or "Active window".

In step two you click on "Get Data" followed by "Open Data Source".
Select the table on your computer and click "Open".
Click on "Setup main document" to continue.

In the "Envelope options" window you choose the format and fonttype for delivery and return address in the "Envelope options" tab.
In the "Printing options" tab we choose the envelope feed options.
When you are done with these settings click on "Ok".

In the next window "Envelope address" we enter the fields for our envelopes.
To do this click on the "Insert Merge Field" button and choose the fields which you wish to add and click on "Ok" when you are done.

In the last step we click on the "Merge" button in the "Mail Merge Helper" window.
In the new window you will choose "New document".
And click on the "Merge" button.

Click on the "Print" button in the standard toolbar to print your envelopes.