Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 25, Indexes

Making a index

Making a index is done allmost the same way as making a table of contents.
You select the words that you wish to display in your index, next we format the index just about the same way as we did for the table of contents.

Select a word from the text that you want to display in the index.
Push "Alt", "Shift" and "X" on your keyboard.
This will open the "Mark index entry" window.

Or we click on "Insert", "Reference", "Index and tables" in the menubar.
This will open the "Index and tables" window which we know from the previous lesson.
First click on the "Index" tab and then click the "Mark entry" button.

mark index entry
The top field is allready filled with the word which we had selected.
In the options section of the "Mark index entry" window we can set the options of:
1. Cross reference
2. Current page
3. Page rank bookmark

If you choose for cross reference you need to enter a word in the field next to it, otherwise it doesn't work.

In the third section you can choose if you want your pagenation in bold or italic.

Click on the "Mark" button when you only wish to mark this word.
Click on the "Mark all" button if you want to mark all words like one this in the entire document.

When we pushed one of these buttons we can see on the background that non printable characters are being shown.

non printable characters
The "Mark index entry" window will remain open.
You can select the next word and click on the "Main index entry" window again, the word you selected will automaticly appear in the top field.
You change the settings if you want and click on the "Mark" or "Mark all" buttons.
And this way we go through our entire document, looking for words that we want to include in our index.
When you are done with all the words you click on the "Close" button.

Then we place our cursor inside our document where we want the index.
Click on "Insert", "Reference", "Index and tables" in the menubar when you are using 2003 or XP.
Or when you are using 97 or 2000 click on "Insert", "Index and tables" in the menubar.

This will open the "Index and tables" window.
Choose the "Index" tab.
Here we can choose the formatting for our index.
Indentation, alignment, columns, etc.

alignment examples

Formatting index

In the "Index" tab of the "Index and tables" window we can format the index.
To do this first select the index you made before.
You click on "Insert", "Reference", "Index and tables" in the menubar.

Select the "Index" tab and click the arrow next to the "Formats" field.
Choose "Modify" from the dropdown menu.
The "Style" window will open.

style window
Each level in our document will appear in a list here, Index 1, Index 2, etc.
Select the level and click on the "Modify" button.
In the "Modify style" window we alter the formatting for the level.
Fonttype, color, bold, italic, etc.

modify style window
When you are done push the "Ok" button a few times.
Just like in our previous lesson.

Update index

Updating the index is done the same way as the table of contents.
Right click on the index and choose "Update field".
Its updated !.