Microsoft Word online training course

Word lesson 26, Templates

Making a template for a form

To make a form template we need the "Forms" toolbar.
To open this click on "View", "Toolbars", "Forms" in the menubar.

Text form field Checkbox form field
Drop down form field Form field options
Draw table Insert table
Insert frame Form field shading
Reset form fields Protect form
We start with opening a new document.
We type the information which stays the same.
We add a few fields which should be completed by users.

text form field options
We select the field in our document and click the "Form fields options" button in the "Forms" toolbar.
In the window that opens we can choose a few options.

Changing field options

Depending on the type of field that you choose you will get different options.
For a textfield we can choose a type of data like date, number, default text, etc.
We can enter a default text, a maximum length and the formatting of our text.
For a check box we change the size and the default values.
For a dropdown form we enter the different items for the dropdown menu.
And once you have set the settings for your field you click on "Ok".

Finishing the template

Adding help text:
In the "Field options" window you find a button on the bottom that says "Add help text".
When we click on this we can add some help text into our form.
In the window we can find two tabs: "Status bar" and "Help key F1".
One shows the help text in the statusbar of our document and the other when we press the "F1" key on our keyboard.
This way we can help the users of our form with any difficulties.

Remove shading of fields and securing the form:
When you are done with your form you click on the "Shading" button.
This removes the gray background of your fields.
If you wouldn't do this then everytime you open the form, the grey backgrounds will show.
Once you have removed the shading click on "Protect form" button.
This prevents that the form from being edited at a later time.
When users will open the form the cursor will be in the first field.

Save as template:
Now we know our document is protected, we must save it as a template.
To do this click on "File", "Save as" in the menubar.
Give the document a name, and choose "Document template" from the dropdown menu as type.
Click on "Save".