Wordpress online training course

Wordpress lesson 1, Introduction


Do you have your own blog ? No ? Then its about time you start to have one. Nowadays there are alot of free services you can use but they dont allways give you full control over your content. It will limit your possibilities and forces you to make advertisements for another company most of the times. Its more smart, fun and exiting to host a blog of your own.

You can choose from a few blogsoftware packages which you can easily instal and adjust anyway you want it to. Probably the most used piece of software for this is Wordpress. This is a open source blog program which you can really adjust in any way you can imagine. This course is meant to help you make your won blog with the use of Wordpress and give you some tips to make the default Wordpress installation a bit cooler.

Wordwhat ?

But what is Wordpress and what is Open Source ? Wordpress is a program that you can download from internet and may use and adjust for free. This software has a very large community of users which not only use Wordpress but also improve it by making plug-ins and improvements to the software itself. In a later lesson i will explain you more about those plug-ins.


In the first lesson i will only explain the preperation that is needed before we install Wordpress. Because before we install we need to have certain things:

1. A hosting account
The first thing you need to use Wordpress is a hosting account where you will upload your website. When choosing your webhoster it may be good to check if they give you good support and if the server uptime is good. Next to that its better if its possible to make multiple email addresses and multiple databases. Also look how you can manage your account this must not be to complicated. Also don't take a very large account for now your site will not have a huge amount of visitors and if this will be the case in the future you can allways upgrade. Also choose a hoster with alot possibilities. Moving to another hoster isnt impossible but its just complicated and takes alot of time sometimes. Oh and dont forget to choose a good url address for your website.

2. Ftp software
You have to make a ftp account in your hostingaccount first. Its difficult for me to explain to you how since this is different with most hosters. So for this if you can't figure it out yourself its best to contact your hosting provider.

The ftp software can be downloaded. i use Filezilla myself and this can be downloaded and used for free. Download Filezilla here. The settings you need to fill in the ftp software can usually be found at your hoster. And if you didn't know yet, a ftp program is a piece of software to send files over the internet. And in the case of this course you will use it to send files from your computer to the server.

3. Wordpress
You can download the software on wordpress.org. Just go to this website and click the "Download Wordpress" button.