Wordpress online training course

Wordpress lesson 2, Installation


If you have done everything correctly then right now you are having a hostingaccount, ftp program and the latest version of Wordpress. In this lesson we are going to install Wordpress and don't worry because this is easy.


The first thing we need is a empty database. Normally you should be able to make one through the controlpanel of your hosting provider. How you can do this you can ask your hoster or read it in the FAQ. For this lesson its important that you have the data of your database. This data will be used to alter the configuration file of Wordpress.


Go to the folder where you have unpacked the wordpress files. Unpacking is done with a zip-program like Winzip or Winrar. Once you have unzipped the files you need to find a file name wp-config-sample.php in the main folder. First rightclick this file and choose "Rename" from the dropdown menu and rename the file to wp-config.php. This is the file Wordpress uses to connect to your database. Open the file in Wordpad or Dreamweaver and enter the following data:

DB_NAME = the name of the database you have made

DB_USER = the username for the database you have made

DB_PASSWORD = the password for the database you have made

DB_HOST = here you fill in the nine or ten numbers of your localhost. If this doesn't work you can ask your hoster what you need to enter here.

You can basicly start with the installation of Wordpress now. However it is recommended to also fill in the fields below to protect your weblog against hackers.


In these field you enter a random value which is generated through this link https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/.


Now its time to upload the Wordpress files. Make a connection with your hosting server through the ftp software and upload all the Wordpress files and folders there.

When all the files are uploaded next thing you need to do is surf to the address where you can find the main folder of your website. If everything is done correctly you will see the next window appear in your browser:

Enter your data here. The title can allways be changed at a later time so don't worry about this. After you have filled in the field push the button "Install Wordpress" and if everything is allready you will get a notice that you have succesfully installed Wordpress. Write down your username and password so you can immediatly login.

Changing your password

Its best to change the default password directly since this is very hard to memorize. When logged into your new Wordpress website click on "Users" on the leftside of the screen and next click on "Edit" beneath your username. On the bottom of the page you can set your new password.

You have now properly installed Wordpress. In the next lesson we will explain a few settings for you.