Youtube online training course

Youtube lesson 1, The basics of youtube

What is YouTube?

Youtube is a website where users can upload, view and share videoclips for free. At this moment there are millions of videos available for its users and its growing fast each day.
How do you get to this website ?
Just open your webbrowser and open the following URL :

Searching Videos

main page of youtube
When you arrive at the website of youtube there will be 1 thing that immediatly gets your attention : the searchbar

youtube search bar
In the searchbar we enter the name or description of a video we would like to view. Youtube will then automaticly give you suggestion which are related to your searchterm. If there is a suggestion which you like, you can click on that suggestion and the searchbar will be filled with it. After either click on ''search'' or just press enter to begin your search.

youtube search bar autofill
When the search is done a list of videos will appear related to your searchterm.
1. number of search results
2. number of views
3. example
4. uploaddate
5. title
6. description
7. duration

youtube search results