Youtube online training course

Youtube lesson 2, The user interface

Viewing a video in youtube

When the videoclip which you want to see is in the list after you searched you can view the videoclip by clicking once on the example of the video or the title.

When the clip is opened on top of the video you can see the title (1).
Directly below the title you can see the name of the person who published the video (2).
Next to the name you will see the number of videos this person has published (3).
And next to that you can see the button ''subscribe'' (4). When you click on this button you will be automaticly be informed when this user publishes a new video.
In the navigationbar you can find the play/pauze button (5).
The ''mute'' button (6) with which you can mute the sound of the clip (6).
And the timeframe of the video (7).
This video has an option to be viewed with subtitles (8). Of course a videoclip must have subtitles for this option to be available.
With the next button (9) you control the quality in which the video can be watched.
A button to view the video in larger size (10).
To view the video in fullscreen (11).

Below that we have the buttons in which we can give our personal rating for the video (12).
And with the button ''add'' (13) we can save this video in our personal lists so we can find them back later.
With the ''share'' button (14) we can share this video with others. For example by emailing them to a friend or embedding it on our personal website or blog.

Next to that we can see how many times a video has been watched. Clicking on this button with the down pointing arrows (15) gives us a graph with the statistics of this video.
Underneath that we can find some information about the video (16). Among things like the date it has been published.
Finally at the bottom of the page we can find a field where we can comment on the videos other people have posted and we can see the comments that have been made by others.
youtube video


It can happen that the video that you chose to watch is not the one you wanted to see, you can allways click back on your webbrowser to go back to the previous search results.
Because this happens occasionally youtube has made a functionality to hopefully make you find the video you are looking for faster.
On the right side of the video you are watching you are offered suggestions which are related to the video you are watching. This way you can easily click on a video in the suggestion box so that it will start to play immediately.

youtube suggestions