Youtube online training course

Youtube lesson 3, Uploading a video

Viewing a video in youtube

Uploading is a computerterm which is used for sending files or other data from one computer to another.
Uploading is the oposite of downloading where you get files from another computer to put them on your system.

How do i get started ?

Make sure that the video you want to upload is allready finished to be published.
Open your internetbrowser and open the following URL to go to the website
Attention : to upload a video you need to have a account in youtube. To open a account go to any page in youtube and click the button ''Create account'' or ''Sign in'' when you allready have a account.

youtube search

Making a account.

First we need to enter our emailadres and chose our password as well as our country and birthday.
Then for the first time if you want to upload click ''upload'' in the top of the screen.
Now enter a username and gender. and check if its available. When you are done please click next.
youtube upload video

Upload a video.

On the main page of youtube next to the searchbar you will the the ''upload'' button. to upload click here.
youtube upload
Then you will get a new screen with the following question :
Upload video : you need to select this option if you have a video on your pc that is ready to be uploaded.
Record from webcam : With this option you can make a video and upload it directly from your webcam to youtube.

youtube username and channel
Caution : if you want to upload a video it may have the following properties : High definition ( better quality than normal videos )
not larger than 2 Gigabite
Not longer than 15 minutes
Different type of files : wmv, mp4, avi, flv, 3gp en MPEG

Recording a video with your webcam

Click the button ''Record from webcam'' to start.
If a message appears : Youtube needs permission for your microphone and webcam please click ''accept or allow''.
Normally you should now see yourself in the video on screen.
If its not working properly : please chose another webcam, or check if your cam is working properly.
youtube record from webcam
If you are ready to shoot your video click ''ready to record'' on the video.
Once you are done filming click '' the red square in the bottom of the videoscreen.
After this you will be asked if you want to preview your recording, publish it on youtube or rerecord it.
Once you are done click ''publish'' so the video will be automaticly be uploaded.

Upload video from your computer.

Click the button ''upload video'' if your video is saved on your computer.
A new window will now open.
In this window you need to select the video on your computer.
Select the video and click ''Open''.

At ''Upload progress'' you can see how long your video still needs to upload.

At video information you can enter some details about your video.
At ''Title'' you will fill in the title of the video how you want it to appear on youtube.
At ''Description'' you can decribe what your video is all about.
''Tags'' are the keywords that can be related to your video.
When users fill in these tags in the searchbar they will find your video alot faster.
Select the right category in which your video belongs.
And finally you chose who can see the video in the privacy settings.
youtube video file upload
Once your video has been completely uploaded, youtube needs to process your video.

youtube upload complete
Once your video is processed ( this can take some time ) it will be viewable in youtube.

If you chose to hide the video at ''Privacy'', of course you need the url to send your video to others. You can find this url after your video is uploaded.