Youtube online training course

Youtube lesson 4, Downloading video

Introduction to downloading

If you look at videos in youtube the images will be ''saved'' on your computer.
When you have the right software you can easily save the video that you are watching on your computer.
Thankfully there is some easy software to do this with, namelijk ''youtube downloader''.

Where do you get this software ?

To get the software needed just open your webbrowser and go to url : and at the top right of the screen click ''download now''.


Once the software has downloaded a simple installationprocess will follow.
Please read the information carefully and select/deselect anything that fits your needs and finish the installation.

Downloading videos

''Youtube downloader'' is a very userfriendly program.
To download a video just do the following : Open the program ''Youtube downloader'' either through the shortcut on your desktop or else navigate to [Start] - [Programms] - [Youtube Downloader].
Open your internetbrowser and go to Use the searchbar to look for the video you want to see and click ''Search''.
youtube search
Look at the video if you dont allready know it.
Copy the Url.
How do you do this ? click once with the mousecursor in the url-bar. After that click once with the right mouse button and next click on ''copy'' with the left mouse button.

Now go back and open the program ''Youtube downloader'' and paste the Url in the spot that says '' Enter the URL of the video you want to download''. The ''Paste'' you use to copy the Url to that spot.
Quick note: The first time you select a standard download location. Click on ''Change'' and navigate to the folder you wish to download the video to.
Now click ''Download'' to start the download.
youtube downloader
The tab ''Activity'' will be opened and your video will be downloaded.
downloader window
The video is now saved with a MP4 extension on your computer on the location you have selected before.
Quick note: a MP4 extension is a file which combines sound and image.

From image to sound

You can also convert your video to a soundfile.
To do this open the program ''Youtube downloader'' and select the tab ''Convert'' this time.
convert youtube video
Select where the video is on your computer by clicking the ''Folder'' button.
convert video
Next chose which extension you want to convert the video to : in this case we will make a MP3 soundfile.
Quick note : chose WMV for a videofile.
At conversion quality i am chosing ''Optimal''. This option defines the quality and the size of your converted file. At ''Optimal'' the program itself looks what the best option is.
Click on the button ''Convert''.

conversion quality
When converting is done, the converted file will appear at the same place on your computer as the video file.
Quick note : with the program ''Youtube downloader'' you can also download videos from other sites than youtube.
For the full list please go to